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How do solar panels work?

Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology was developed in the 1960’s for space applications. This mature technology is now used in Commercial and Industrial rooftop applications. The PV modules convert the sun’s energy into usable electricity. The PV system works in this way:

Solar PV modules are installed and positioned on the roof of buildings to get maximum solar radiation.

The energy hitting the modules is converted into Direct Current (DC) electricity.

The DC electricity flows through cables into inverters. These electrical devices convert DC electricity into Alternating Current (AC) electricity which is the same type used to power the majority of loads in buildings eg. machines, computers, lighting, A/C, etc.

The AC electricity is then used throughout the facility and can in some cases be exported back to the grid.

All generated AC electricity is tracked and easily accessible by the facility owner.

How will this system reduce energy costs for us?

Cleantech Solar does not disconnect or replace your current utility connection. The system installed provides power to the facility and simply reduces the amount of energy taken from the grid. When the solar facility produces less energy than needed, the balance is drawn from the grid or Diesel generator. The facility remains connected to the grid as it was before. The customer receives bills from Cleantech Solar for the lower-cost kWh and from the utility for the balance, at the same rate as before. The overall energy costs will reduce considerably.


In 2016, client kickstarted its sustainability journey to solarise all its major stores across the country. A partnership was forged with Fourth Partner Energy an energy transition pact that continues to grow every year.

Client leads by example in scripting India’s energy transition story the environmental impact of rooftop solar systems clubbed with the 30 60% cost savings per unit electricity has enabled the company to commit to aggressive RE procurement targets.


Client is India’s largest manufacturer of grey cement, white cement and ready mix concrete. This industry leader is committed to sustainable development and has set itself a commendable energy transition target of generating more than 650 million units of RE power by 2021. The client is well on its way to be amongst the largest users of renewable energy in the Indian cement sector.